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About our music clock

The table music clock on a staggered base. The wooden case is decorated with pilasters. On the back side there is a door, behind which the clock mechanism is. The mechanism has the German factory stamp «Lorenz Furtwangler & Sohne». Most likely our clock was produced in the 1930s in Warsaw in a branch of «Lorenz Furtwangler & Sohne» factory. The clock was donated to the Museum by Z.V. Fedorova in March 1976.

About the factory «Lorenz Furtwangler & Sohne»

The company "Lorenz Furtwangeler Uhrenfabrik" was founded in 1836 in Germany. In 1868 it was renamed into "Lorenz Furtwangler Sohne, Uhrenfabrik". In just a few years the small workshop of the company turned into a factory. Its products distinguished by excellent quality, so the company had earned a good name. The clocks of this firm had a particularly thick copper plate and wonderful factory decoration. In 1900 the company was transformed into a joint-stock company «L. Furtwangler Sohne AG». Four years later it was renamed in «Uhrenfabrik vorm. L Furtwangler Sohne AG Furtwangen» again. With the outbreak of the World War I this manufacturer had the problem - high-quality clocks were already badly sold at the background of military actions. In 1929 the company went bankrupt. But in Warsaw the branch of the factory still functioned. It is not known whether they had a full cycle or they worked with components from Germany.


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