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About our mantel clock

The mantel striking clock on a stand. It was made in France in the first half of the XIX century. The clock case is made of bronze with gilding, decorated with the figure of a muse with a lyre in her hands. There are openings for winding up on the dial. The museum funds keep the glass cover for this clock. It is not presented in the exhibition because of its poor state of preservation and the instability.

About the music box of the clock

A wooden cloc stand is a music box. There is an opening for winding up and three key levers for switching from one melody to another on its case. The inscription on the box is «Silence Musique Аutre Même Continue Musique». The translation from the French is "As soon as the music stops, other one immediately continues." Once the box played several marvelous melodies, reminding of small bells ring, but now it is silent. The rate of the clock also stopped because of its time mechanisms damage.

On the mantel clock

These clocks were installed on mantelpieces. This kind of clock begins its history from the XVII century. The design of the watch was not less important than the mechanism itself. Sometimes watchmakers created magnificent and very expensive clocks, which cases were rather artwork than they really served its original purpose.


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