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The time-keepers: the museum watches secrets

The virtual exhibition from the collections of the Bogoroditsk Museum-Palace

The State Institution of Tula Region Culture
the Association Historical, Regional & Art Museum

About exhibition

We offer you a virtual exhibition of the watches and clocks of XIX-XX centuries from the collection of the Bogoroditsk Museum-Palace. The museum has never collected all its watches together before. Some of them were always kept in the funds and did not appear in the museum exposition. The purpose of this virtual exhibition is to acquaint our visitors with these exhibits. You are given the opportunity not only to see them in the window of the exposure, but to examine all the sides of each item, to look into the clockworks, to see the mark of watchmakers, to learn the history of the factory and how the watch got into our museum and much more.

We offer to choose the course of our virtual tour. If you wish you can return to the interesting subjects and learn more about them.

Have a pleasant and informative tour!

Navigating through the exhibition

Opens a menu. It can be used to switch between exhibits.

Allows you to find out more information about exponente.

Return to main page.

Contains photographs related to the exhibits. Scroll through using the buttons. When you click on any picture there is an increase.

Reproduces natural (or approximate) the sound of the clock.

Enables/disables version for the visually impaired with special settings.
When changing settings related to the font size and letter spacing, the page is reloaded.

Changes the text language to English/Russian.

The development team

Head of Bogoroditsk Museum-Palace: M.V. Zherzdeva

Head of cultural-educational department of Bogoroditsk Museum-Palace: O.V. Perova

Head of the Department of Information and Design: P.A. Subocheva

Project manager: M.Y. Mikutskaya

Preparation of materials: E.O. Zanina

Photography: F.A. Lavrov

Technical realization: A.E. Romanov


© The State Institution of Tula Region Culture the Association Historical, Regional & Art Museum. Tula, 2016-2017

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