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Our coach-clock

The striking coach-clocks with an alarm. Was made in 1823 in Western Europe. Coach-clocks have always been famous for the excellent mechanisms. They were produced by the best watchmakers and were rarely out of order. Due to the fact that the clock mechanism was considered as a work of art, clock case was made mostly of transparent glass, so that the owner could see the most important thing - the clock mechanism. The case itself assumed to be very durable, also there was a handle on the top in order to carry it or to hang it in a train or in a coach. So our clock has a transparent case. The rear wall is opened by a small nail-form handle. There is a clock mechanism and the key to its winding behind this door. The button for the alarm is on top. The clock is equipped with a traditional for coach-clocks figured metal handle. Usually these clocks had also a durable carrying case, which they were inserted for safekeeping. Unfortunately, he case of our clock is lost.

The clock was purchased from a resident of town Uzlovaya G.I. Brechko, she had bought it in Tsaritsyno.

About coach-clocks

Several centuries ago carriage clocks accompanied people on the road, that's why their mechanisms should be special. They had to withstand constant vibration, temperature extremes, high humidity and not to let the dust. Carriage-clocks were supplied with a sound signal, which sounded in a certain period of time in order not to light a candle at night to find out what time it was left to spend on the journey. Besides, the traveler had to hear it regardless of the rattle of horse's hooves, the creaking of the carriage, the noise of wheels, wind or rain. Some clocks were so perfect that at any moment they could inform (by its owner wish) of the current time: stroke an hour by one ringing tone, a quarter by another and number of minutes by the third one.


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