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Clocks from the Zhdanka railway station

The table and mantel clocks of Russian production (?) of the XIX century. They are located in the museum exposition of the Zhdanka railway station.

The clock from the Zhdanka railway station waiting to be explored!

Join our project: carefully study the picture and try yourself in the role of museum curator, which restores the history of objects, finds their association with events and personalities, is of the description and explains historical and cultural value of the collection. You will definitely need care, interest to detail and a strong desire to learn something new and uncover the secrets of these silent witnesses of time!

Send your work by e-mail of the Museum: dvorec-m@yandex.ru with the theme "The Time-keepers: watches from the Zhdanka railway station Version ... (name, city)"

Find out the history of "The Time-keepers"!


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