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A.V. Bragin-Bobrinsky

The clocks and the watch belonged to Alexei Valerianovich Bragin-Bobrinsky (1938-2014), an aviator, writer and descendant of the last Bogoroditsk palace owner V.A. Bobrinsky.

Aleksey Valerianovich Bragin-Bobrinsky is the grandson of the last owner of the Bogoroditsk estate Vladimir Alekseevich Bobrinsky. He was born in Chile in November 24, 1938. There he spent his childhood. In 1954 the family moved to the United States. A.V. Bragin-Bobrinsky spent the biggest part of his life in the United States, served in the Navy and in the Air. When he finished his flying career, he wrote novels and memoirs, was engaged in the tourism business in Kenya and Chile. In April 2012 at the invitation of the museum he came to Bogoroditsk for the scientific-practical conference dedicated to the 250th anniversary of the counts Bobrinskys kin. In March 2013 he moved from Santiago to Bogoroditsk forever. In August 27, 2014 Aleksey Valerianovich Bragin-Bobrinsky died. He was buried at the Kazan Mother of God Church on the territory of the estate.

The table clock

The quartz table clock in the case of black marble with the inscription. It was awarded to A.V. Bragin-Bobrinsky by a flotilla commander for the US Coast Guard at the end of his service in this department. The clock has a donative sign.

The Wristwatch

The Wristwatch of the famous Swiss company ROLEX. This watch is depicted in the photographs of A.V. Bragin-Bobrinsky. The inscription on the dial is "perpetual", which means "eternal". Model GMT ("Greenwich Mean Time") was created for the professionals whose work was connected with frequent flights. Thanks to the time indicator it gave an opportunity to move instantly from one time zone to another during a trip. At the same time there was always reference time before the eyes.

About the company «Rolex»

In 1905 in London a Bavarian Hans Wilsdorf together with his partner founded the company "Wilsdorf & Devis" for the watch production and trade . In 1908 the company was renamed as «Rolex». The manufacturing process was focused on the quality, reliability and exclusivity. From the very first days Rolex has been producing watches not for everyone. The very first waterproof wristwatch of this brand was produced in 1926. The watch with automatic change of date was produced in 1945 and the watch with automatic change of the day of the week on the dial was produced in 1956 as well. In 1919 the company moved to Switzerland in Geneva. Since then the company name has been modified several times. Last time it was changed to «Rolex SA» and it exists to this day.

Nowadays this famous company produces more than half a million watches a year.

The Rolex Brand is not just a popular watch brand. It is also a synonym for high quality, style and prestige. Watches of this company have become a common name. If a person wears a Rolex, it means, of course, he’s rich and successful.


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